The Beekeepers’ Association Apis Mellifera Carnica Slovenica is a volunteer-run member’s organization that represents the interests of Slovenian professional beekeepers. The objective of this association is to assist the public finding products and services that our members have to offer.

Our members are conducting a Carniola honey bee breeding program with the collaboration and supervision of Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. Slovenia has a very long tradition in beekeeping. Therefore our members are highly qualified professional beekeepers who raise bees in over ten thousand hives.

As a resolute is a large number of first class breed Carniola queen’s delivered worldwide on all continents. Parallel to queen rearing, our member’s queen breeders bred a large number of spare colonies held for sale. Our association is here that combines free capacity of our breeders, and connecting them with interested clients that wish to buy queen bees or bee colonies.

Orders and requests can be submitted here.

Interested? Build a hive with your own Carnica Bees.

It’s possible to purchase Queen Bees or entire Carnica Bee Colonies through our beekepers’ society.