Carnica bee colonies

The queens of selected parent colonies generally already have a breeding registration number; if not, they are assigned one. Breeders receive labels so that each queen reared at the approved station can be labeled. Reared queens are also entered into the Pure-Line.

The health status of bee colonies at breeding stations is checked by professionals at the National Veterinary Institute of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, who issue an appropriate certificate. The greatest attention is paid to discovering American foulbrood. All colonies at the queen-breeding station are examined. Rearing is only possible if the station is not in a detected infection zone.
Every beekeeper has an important role to play by reporting a possible infectious disease to the technical service.

Mated, marked, with certificate of authenticity ready for delivery

Queen bees are ready for delivery from May 15th to end of August.

Smaller amounts are available for immediate delivery, for larger quantity is required preorder.

Interested? Build a hive with your own Carnica Bees.

It’s possible to purchase Queen Bees or entire Carnica Bee Colonies through our beekepers’ society.